Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A natural bouquet

I love this bouquet. I went to a retirement party over the weekend and as I was leaving, Janice, the retiree's very creative wife, gave me this bouquet. It was one of the table centerpieces. When we walked into the room, the tables were bright and welcoming because of the black and white checked tablecloths and these pretty bouquets.

I found it interesting that the sunflowers were purchased from a florist, but the greenery was gathered from the field next to her house and from her yard. She used regular glass jars, added some greenery and finished it off around the top with a natural raffia ribbon. I think it ingenious to decorate by using ingenuity and creativity. She really hit a home run. I don't think a florist would have done any better and I appreciated that she put so much love and time into making sure everything was so pretty. I also know I will try this myself in the future and I appreciated the idea. 

The food was great, too and I think this couple deserves a wonderful retirement.


  1. wow - that is one beautiful floral arrangement!
    I like the look of it, it's very natural and free flowing, just how flowers should look.
    Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  2. I'm with Joanie, that is a great arrangement and very natural looking. (I don't like those stiff florist bouquets.) Your friend did a great job on these!