Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Early peas and greens

We've spent the last few days waiting for the rain to get to us. According to the weather reports we should be getting the same rainy weather that Texas has been getting the last few days. We did see a little bit of rain, but not quite as much as we need.

Even without the rain we are seeing some positive progress. In the center, above the kale is doing well and there are some turnip and spinach coming up, though you can't tell what is spinach and what is grass. On the right, next to the butter pea row is a row of English peas. It is hard to see the broccoli and cauliflower on the right side of the butter peas.

The turnips above will certainly have to be thinned.

I am very excited about the beets, above. I have never grown beets before.

As I finished taking these photos, the rain started falling again so, hopefully we will get enough to make everything spring up.

Tomorrow evening, I will be picking the grass from the rows. I will have to do this until things grow tall enough to mulch. I really hate that grass.

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