Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surviving a very rainy day

I snapped these photos during the weekend rain. It was sunny that morning but in the afternoon the showers began. Above, you can see the ground my husband tilled up and my sister planted. (Previously, it was our unfortunate corn garden.) It is all greens now. I think the rain was a real blessing for this patch of soil.

We were in the garden, picking green beans, when the rain began to fall. We had to run to the house so we wouldn't be drenched. It really didn't work because the drops were so huge that we were quickly soaked. We decided to wait a bit on the breezeway to see if it would get better. It didn't.

We soon decided it wasn't a day for working in the garden, so I went shopping. It rained even more there. Have you ever walked through a parking lot when the rain was above your ankles? Very unpleasant.

I went home and the ball game I was planning to watch was delayed by lightening for an hour. At least my team won!

I hope our garden loves lots of rain because we have really been getting it. I would think, as long as we don't have standing water for days, it should be fine and maybe even very good. It would be helpful to have some sun in between those rain showers!

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