Monday, September 14, 2009

A visit to Grantville

The other day I was asked to to come along on a visit to Grantville, a town in my county. I might have been there once, a very long time ago, but I didn't remember it at all. After seeing it with fresh eyes, I honestly thought it is a place with great potential.

Coming into town, there was evidence of growth with subdivisions, businesses and potential businesses popping up along the highway. Turning off the highway, we saw plenty of vintage homes surrounding a downtown area that was larger than I expected. There were a number of businesses downtown and I thought there was a special charm about the quaint town.

We had an enjoyable lunch at Nick's Pizza (I forgot to take a photo!) and then had a tour of the town. They have a number of events going on periodically, including events for Halloween and Christmas. There is a newly renovated antique theater, a newly constructed ball park and a number of new businesses.

We visited a gift/antique furniture store, and walked past a couple of unopened thrift stores and a downtown convenience store. There were even a few shops that had opened this summer and which sounds promising in this economy.

I felt this town should do well after the new grocery store (slated to begin construction after the economy improves a bit) and health clinic are opened. I would think it would keep the folks in town for shopping. With the antebellum homes and old store fronts, it is worth a bit of your time just to visit.

Tomorrow -- my favorite shop in Grantville.

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