Friday, June 14, 2013

Fish Tacos

Fish is usually not exciting to me. I really don't usually care for fried fish. I can eat it, but I would rather just pass. I would prefer to just make a meal off slaw and hush puppies. (I do like seafood--just not fish.) However, there is one fish dish that I have really enjoyed--fish tacos.

I first ate them at El Azteca, a Mexican restaurant located next to my doctor's office, close to Piedmont Hospital. I don't really know why I tried the fish tacos. Usually I would just pass, but for some reason I ordered something and fish tacos came with it. To my utter surprise and pleasure, the best things on my plate were the fish tacos.

Ever since, I have requested fish tacos. I told my husband that if he went fishing and caught fish, we could always have fish tacos. I guess I said it enough times and the other night, we went on a mission--not to replicate the El Azteca recipe but to make our own recipe for fish tacos.

Above is what we came up with.

My husband now likes fish tacos, too.

He grilled the fish by putting a piece of non-stick tin foil on the grill, punching some holes in the foil and basting the fish with butter, allowing it to cook until it is a bit flaky. Turn and repeat. I guess this can be accomplished by pan frying the fish on the stove in butter but my husband likes to grill.

After this, we made some pretty normal things like chopped tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers and onions. We added salsa and sour cream and had an Mm mm good dinner. I forgot to mention that we used soft taco shells. We also made some black beans to go with our fish tacos.

It wasn't the same as the great fish tacos at El Aztecas but it was very, very good.


  1. Love this recipe, Deberah! I have had fish tacos before and they are delicious. A perfect dish for summer. Thanks for the recipe, Joanie

  2. Yum! Sounds very good and very healthy, too!