Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hobby Lobby: Pretty party solutions

The other day I stepped by Hobby Lobby to buy a decorator's icing tip to decorate a cake I was making. I didn't find the exact tip since they were unfortunately out of what I was looking for. As I looked in the party isle I found the prettiest party decorations I have ever seen. There was an isle that was totally filled with color-coordinated party supplies. Beautiful! I was just so taken with these party color-coordinates!

Really, there were sets of each item in all colors. Above were the orange section that was next to the yellow section.

The pink section was the same--but all pink.

And, of course the blue with the same products, but in blue of course.

The green--well you get the idea.

There were without a doubt the prettiest selection of party decorations I have seen.

The best thing is that Hobby Lobby has great coupons. If you know early enough, you could get the items at 40 percent off--one coupon per day, of course.

I will be looking there when I want to color coordinate a party. I will admit, I can get really carried away about coordinating colors. This was a party aisle made just for someone like me. Maybe you, too. Check it out!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I did not know about the Party Aisle - wow! I will be checking it out, thanks for sharing. Joanie