Thursday, June 6, 2013

Garden madness

I am so excited today because we have squash. I also think that it is silly that I should get so excited by something like a squash but I usually feel that way every year. It could be some kind of mental disorder, of course--maybe a squash fever or garden madness. I think it is mostly thankfulness that I can see the results of my labor but it could be some kind of mania.

It seems that the squash are producing earlier than usual. I don't think it really is earlier than usual but the cooler-than-usual weather has made harvesting this squash seem early to me. I can't wait to have fresh cooked squash tomorrow night for dinner.

I have also noticed that my favorite herb--basil is looking so green and beautiful. This means that I will need to begin harvesting my herbs right away because they are ready for drying and freezing.

I picked a few leaves and put them in a salad a couple of days ago. The only problem is that my husband really only likes lettuce or spinach in his salad--not basil (or any other herb). He loves the way basil smells but just not the way it tastes in a green salad.

I do have dozens of tomato blooms and though it usually takes quite a while for tomatoes to ripen after the blooming begins, it is always exciting to see the pretty blooms in the garden. It is also exciting to take photos of the pretty blooms against the background of other plants and the bamboo.

I have more time to spend on freezing, canning and drying vegetables this year and I am really looking forward to it this year.

I will admit that I really do have a definite garden disorder.


  1. Love your photos, Deberah! I did not know how pretty tomato 'blossoms' can be. Congratulations on your squash, that's exciting. I've dvr'd some cooking shows lately and both featured Squash Blossoms! (which, I have never tried before but they look delicious!) Continued success in the garden,

  2. Your squash and basil look great! I hope this bit of rain we've gotten will help everything along too!