Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yard sale finds

For the past few weeks--since I became self-employed, I have again been going to yard sales.

In the past when I went to yard sales I would find myself coming home with odds and ends and things that I liked, but couldn't always use. Now, I am looking for things that I really, really can use. If I can't use it, give it away or I don't think I could sell it, I don't buy it.

I have also decided that Fridays are the best yard sale days for me. I don't know if this will always hold true because this past Friday, there weren't very many yard sales in my area. Saturday was definitely the best day--yet I had already planned on Friday and that was the day I went.

Maybe--for me at least, it was the perfect day because the first yard sale I found had plenty of the things I really needed most--pots for planting. I need pots to help in propagating plants, growing plants from seeds and pots I can clean up and give away with a nice potted plant inside, of course.

There were pots to hang in front of windows, or I'm my case, over the railing on my deck, one very large pot that was made from stone or concrete--very heavy, quite a number of lightweight fiberglass pots, clay pots painted in bright colors, a couple of pretty plastic pots and some pots that were made from china with pretty designs. All in all I really hit the jackpot for the "things I really need" category! For all of these pots, I paid only $13! This was one of my favorite yard sale days ever.

I will continue to go and I will try to go on the day when most yard sales are happening, for whatever reason (this week weather was probably a big factor) but I will continue to look for things I really need because eventually, I will run up on just the thing(s) I need--at least this week I did.

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