Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jaemor Farm Market

Recently, I took a quick trip to the Smokey Mountains and went up I-985/441 through north Georgia. Every time I pass by this way I have to stop at Jaemor Farm Market. There are so many reasons, especially during the summer and fall. This place has grown over the years until it has become a real tourist attraction.

In the fall, it is for the apples and the pumpkins plus a corn maze. As we turned off the main road we always pass apple trees that line the entrance to a group of large sheds. The main one, a large open-air market is filled with almost everything you can think of.

At this time of year you can find plants, hanging baskets and lawn ornaments for sale.

There are also beautiful peaches. These are early peaches and are smaller than the ones they have later in the season. Of course we had to buy some of them and we now have a gallon of Ruby Prince peaches ripening in our kitchen. I think peaches are the perfect summer fruit.

There were tons of home-grown strawberries.

There is produce of every kind. Of course it is not all grown on the farm, or even grown locally but there is almost everything you could hope to find.

The baked goods are everywhere. These cakes sure look home-made and delicious.

Strolling through the open-air market is so enjoyable with so much to see.

The only thing I really didn't want were the boiled peanuts. I know most people love them and for anyone who likes them, help yourself and pay for them at the counter. They are a real southern delicacy. For me, they are just way too salty.

At the left side of the shed is my favorite area. Here there is a little seating area where you can sit down with a cup of coffee and a fried pie. They have apple, dried apple, sugar free apple, cherry, strawberry, peach, dried peach, pecan, German chocolate, coconut, sweet potato, lemon, pineapple and plain old chocolate. You can also get apple fritters, cake pops and a few other things I don't remember. They also sell ice cream in this area, though I didn't see any at this visit.

We had a very delicious strawberry fried pie and brought some more home with us to give away. They make great gifts.

As we were leaving, I noticed that the apples were growing nicely and I think they will be something I will go back for later in the year, when I pass through. I will also pick up more peaches and of course, more fried pies.


  1. Hello Deberah - I love your story today, especially the beautiful photos! You're such a great photographer. I'm ready to 'Head North!' Can you say 'Road Trip?' Looks like a great place, thank you so much for sharing, Joanie

  2. I really love this place. It is a nice place to shop but the atmosphere is kind of like an old outdoor market. It is quaint.