Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rocks a simple tip to discourage pesky critters

The squirrel would not leave this newly potted hosta alone. He continued to dig out the dirt around the roots. He was probably either finding a hiding place for winter food or the plant looked like it had a tasty set of roots. I can't speak for what the squirrel was doing but he was certainly driving my mother crazy.

She had just purchased this small Georgia Sweetheart hosta the week before and didn't relish the thought that the squirrel would harm her new prize.

My idea was to get some of the small pebbles from a bed in front of her house and line the pots with them. Her idea was to move some rocks, covered with some lovely moss, from another pot to surround the precious roots of her new Sweetheart plant.

After it was done, I realized her idea was much better than mine. The pesky squirrel can't move the rocks but he could have scattered the pebbles all over her deck. And the moss on the rocks was an extra bonus. I think I will put some rocks in mossy areas of my yard just so I can use the moss-covered rocks later to add something extra to my potted plants.

I just love simple, easy solutions.

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