Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden progress

It has been a little difficult to get things accomplished in the garden because the weather has not exactly been cooperative but we are finally getting some things planted this week. My sister had a great idea -- plant a salad garden.

We had a row of volunteer garlic that came up from last year. It was spotty and we couldn't exactly decide what to do with it. It is hard to move without damage. There was also some lettuce that was coming up along with the garlic from our fall garden. She came up the idea of using the both as companions for different kinds of lettuce. The garlic will help to protect the lettuce from insects. She also found some alyssum, which is supposed to also repel insects. I think it will be beautiful when it all grows together. I like the idea of companion planting because it can be beneficial to tender plants like lettuce.

I like the effect of the spiky garlic with the leafy lettuce, colorful musculun and fragrant white flowers. We also have some arugula to add to the mix. It will make a wonderful salad.

We also planted potatoes, onions and the cabbage, above. It feels good to get a good start. We still have a ways to go but I am elated to be getting a start.

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