Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More baby tomatoes

My tomato plants are at the point where I can take the lids off and let them grow. I was a little concerned they would get too moist but I guess it is hard to sprout seeds without enough moisture. These are really sprouting now.

They look very much like a jumbled mess to me. I guess I want them to grow up tall and straight. They are tall but there are very few straight ones. They are just going everywhere. I think if we had a few more sunny days they would become straighter, but I don't know.

Most of these are black cherry tomatoes. I think they are lovely. After a few days I may spritz them with some kind of fertilizer tea to see if they will grow a little faster. I can't put them out until there is no danger of frost and we are not there, yet so I don't want to hurry them along too fast. I will feel better about them when I get them to the point where they have leaves that look like tomatoes and the stems are thicker than sewing thread.

I think one reason I equate them to babies is that I am a little worried I will forget them and they won't thrive as they should. They are at a very tender stage right now and I am going to have to watch them diligently.

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