Monday, April 12, 2010

A beautiful weekend

Didn't we have a beautiful weekend? It was like a present of clear skies all wrapped up with a sunshine bow. I am sorry for being "poetic," but it was beautiful. The only "garden" job we had was to repot some of the plants we had grown from seed to try and give them a little nudge. We need to let them grow a bit larger so we can safely plant them in the garden.

Meanwhile, I admired some of the beautiful apple blossoms and wild flowers growing up all around us.

Our tomatoes, far from the straggly little plants I started in my bathtub, are looking much healthier. Some of them didn't make it after we put them out in the sun. I would say we have around 36 plants. If they make it, we will have more than we need to finish out our garden.

The apple trees are beginning to get leaves but they have some incredibly beautiful blossoms. Most of the photos I took were of the crab apple tree. Those flowers are just a bit redder than the regular apples.

What a beautiful sky!

I believe this was a regular apple blossom. It looks like it might be a good year for apples, if there isn't another frost.

We admired the ajuga, a pretty ground cover with purple, cone-shaped flowered stems.

The wild violets were just beautiful. It's not just the flowers, but to me, the leaves looks like little valentines -- hearts with scroll work on them.

And surprisingly, a wild strawberry. I haven't seen wild strawberries in years.


  1. I agree with you about the pretty leaves on the wild violets -- they do look like hearts! I love the ajuga, too, and the apple blossoms ... sigh ... why can't we just garden all the time instead of coming to work!

  2. Such lovely photos - you have captured spring! I have so been waiting for this season and it's just been so beautiful this year. Thank you for sharing, Joanie