Thursday, April 29, 2010

Milk thistle tea

Lately, I have been drinking milk thistle tea on a regular basis. I can't always find it in the store, even at Whole Foods but I drink it for medicinal purposes -- I am taking a prescription medication that can be hard on the liver.

It is traditionally supposed to be very good at cleansing the liver. Many people use it as I do when taking a medication that is not very good for the liver. Surprisingly, my doctor even recommended it to me, so I feel very good about drinking it. She even told me it has few, if any, side effects and it could be beneficial. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

I don't think I would recommend that just anyone use it. It would always be good to check with your doctor before taking anything that could cause a conflict or cause a side effect of any medication. You really can't be too careful, especially if you are seriously ill but there are times when milk thistle tea could possibly be beneficial.

There are many drugs, even over the counter ones that can cause liver problems. Tylenol is one of those OTC drugs. If you take more than is recommended, it can cause liver problems. I don't think milk thistle tea would be strong enough to help if a person overdosed on Tylenol, but milk thistle tea may help cleanse your liver if you are taking regular doses of Tylenol on a regular basis because of chronic pain.

It could also be beneficial to a person who is on a diet. Some think it helps to get rid of toxins from unhealthy foods. It also could be helpful for people who have diabetes and those who are trying to lower their cholesterol, but again, check with your doctor first. I have also heard of people drinking milk thistle tea when having mercury fillings removed and replaced from their teeth.

Herbal teas are not always my favorite. I love black and green tea and have found a few herbal teas I either like or can tolerate, but I really like the taste of milk thistle tea. It is smooth and I can add a little stevia and sometimes soy milk and it is a treat. Milk thistle tea is kind of -- milky. Though I think it is actually made from the black seeds of the plant.

This time of year I see milk thistle plants growing up everywhere. They can grow quite large and can be a nuisance. I can remember stepping on one with my bare feet when I was a child and all I can say is "OUCH! It is, after all a thistle.

And yes, it will stick you. When I look closely at the plant I wonder if I could harvest it and make my own tea. Normally, I might try it because I am a DIY sort of person, but I just can't imagine I could harvest these plants without experiencing a little pain. I think I would prefer to just drink my milk thistle tea and let the nice people at Alvita experience the thistle pricks.

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    along with a large intake of water.