Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our herb garden

Our herb garden is growing like crazy in this warmer weather. We have quite a few annuals that are springing back up and will, hopefully, continue to grow and flourish. One is the oregano, pictured above.

The catnip won't die for any reason. It's not that I don't like it. I just haven't found the perfect thing for which to use it. I don't think bugs like it so maybe I should have planted it in my main garden. I have heard that cats really, really can't get enough of it so maybe I need to make my cat-loving friends some cat sachets. I tried to use it as a mint flavoring in tea -- don't do it -- it just wasn't good at all.

I am thinking a bug repellent would be a good idea and I intend to work to come up with a formula this year. It will come in handy when the mosquitoes start to swarm.

I was disappointed that I didn't have any mint come back from last year. It is still early and maybe I will have some yet, but I just could not wait. I want some mint for my tea now.

This mint was just planted and is a little wilted but I am sure it will do well.

The cilantro or coriander is at the top of the photo, above, and there is a weed at the bottom. I thought the weed was an oregano plant. It is only a weed and I need to pull it up. I am excited about the cilantro that came up from seed from last year's plant. I just need to pull the weed before it chokes out the cilantro.

The rosemary really didn't die down too much and was the first plant to come back. It is very fragrant and is a good asset to our herb garden. If you look at the center, bottom, that little plant is cilantro.

The lemon thyme is really spreading out, too. It is very fragrant. My photo is not very good but at least you can get an idea.

This was a cilantro plant we bought. What can I say -- we really want lots of cilantro for our Mexican dishes.

In addition to these plants, we planted basil, parsley, more cilantro and tarragon. I think the plants already look very good. I didn't get a photo of the stevia plant that is just beginning to peek out of the soil. I can't wait for the next "herb garden surprise."


  1. Wow, you have a real herb farm going there! A friend of mine used to dry these and put them in tiny jars to gift as gifts to friends. If I ever have a large enough "crop," I think that would be fun to do!

  2. What a great looking garden - so full and so green! The photos look especially nice, thanks for sharing,

  3. Great results and great pics!
    I hope my herb circle will be as productive and pretty as what you have shown us here!

  4. Herb garden? Where's the weeds? ha.