Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tomato seedlings ready for the garden

The tomatoes I raised from seeds are almost ready for the garden. I am so happy about that. I was worried about them for awhile because they quickly outgrew the little peat pots and needed to be transplanted into soil. Now most of them are ready for the big garden.

I bought a number of tomato plants because these were a little slow and I wanted some early tomatoes, but the price is certainly right when you grow your own from seeds. It takes more time but I will admit I am more invested in these little seedlings and I really want them to grow and produce.

This year I decided to try a recipe to use when planting my tomatoes. It is from Life at Quail Hollow, a blog by Susan Coggin. Look at the post here.

It is a recipe she received from a friend who received it from a friend -- one of those time-tested down-home recipes that really works. I must tell you that I used it and the tomatoes I've already planted in the garden are already blooming. The plants look beautiful. I intend to use the recipe on all the tomatoes I plant.

It calls for bonemeal, Epsom salts, cottonseed meal, lime and fertilizer. Of course I didn't use regular fertilizer but mixed organic fertilizers together until I thought the mixture equals approximately 10-10-10. Bone meal and cottonseed meal are organic -- or at least what I bought was. Read the blog post. I think this recipe is really a keeper. I will know more as my garden grows but so far -- great. Follow the link here.

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