Friday, April 23, 2010

Garden progress

Our garden has really made progress since the rain. Our green beans are up and we already have the poles in place. These were saved from last year and that made the job easier because last year we had to cut the poles. I think they look really good. Any day now they will begin looking for something to climb and we can start training them to go up the poles. It doesn't take much training. We just need to make sure they don't grow on the fence.

There is a row of cucumbers and some peppers on the right of the beans and to the left of the garlic.

The potatoes are up and doing nicely. They have really grown this year. Now they are weeded and nicely mulched. This should keep the weeds down and help keep the moisture in the soil. I think it might also keep the temperature down a few degrees which is a good thing in our hot summer weather.

Our tomatoes are looking good and are weeded and mulched. Most of them already have blooms.

The cabbage looks so pretty growing closely together. We do need to spray for insects now but I think this makes such a pretty picture. They sure look better than last year's cabbages.

These onions are looking very good. They are doing well and I think we will need to keep the soil loose to help them grow larger.

From this view you can see the butter beans growing horizontally and from the right the leeks, radishes more onions. Moving left are the parsnips -- the big leafy vegetables, then several rows of winter squash and the salad/garlic row. Horizontally from there are eggplants, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and -- barely visible are the cucumbers, kale, more peppers and then the green beans at the very back.

My mother said that when you start seeing lightning bugs, or fireflies if you are from up north, the garden really starts to grow. I did see one on my kitchen window last night so I guess we are in for a season of faster growth.

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