Monday, April 26, 2010

Cabbage care

This year our cabbages look wonderful. Last year they looked good at times but we really had problems -- namely cabbage worms.

It looks like the cabbages like to be planted close together. I guess they really like company. These cabbages makes a pretty picture, I think.

Of course, if we like the way they look, the insects do, too. My sister has been caring for them well, but the other day she noticed what looked like some house flies on them. When she looked it up, she found they were cabbage maggots. Yuck!

They lay eggs on the cabbages, cauliflower and other similar vegetables and when their worms or maggots hatch, they bore into the roots and basically suck the life from the plants, turning them yellow and eventually killing the plant. Thankfully, my sister realized what they were and has been spraying with an organic spray. She hasn't seen any in the last couple of days, but we need to keep looking for them or our beautiful cabbages could be ruined.

We had almost forgotten we planted a few cauliflower. Yesterday we saw a little cauliflower head forming. They look great but we must protect them from pests, too.

There are many websites that have photos of garden pests and how to protect and get rid of them. The insects haven't gotten bad yet, but you do really have to keep ahead of them. I know we are certainly having to keep an eye on our vegetables. If we don't, the insects will ruin our crop.


  1. I really dislike those cabbage moths! they can find a cabbage anywhere!

  2. Your garden is really coming along - I love seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  3. Your garden is really coming along - I likw the photos. Thanks for sharing, Joanie