Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easy asparagus

My friend Kim, who is a wonderful cook, broiled some asparagus several weeks ago that was really delicious. I was glad to have the opportunity to watch her prepare the dish and was amazed how easy it was.

I cooked some for my family and a few guests, a couple of days later. Mine was very good, too -- much better than when boiled or sauteed.

My mother liked it and she cooked it very successfully, as did another guest. I thought I would share Kim's method for cooking asparagus since it is easy and so far for me, fool-proof.

I just bought fresh asparagus, trimmed it, washed it, allowed it to dry. I then placed it onto a baking pan in which I had poured two tablespoons of olive oil. The asparagus should be placed evenly on the baking pan. I then added salt and pepper and drizzled another tablespoon of oil over the top of the asparagus and tossed it a bit to spread the oil.

I turned the oven on broil at 500 degrees and cooked for 8 to 10 minutes on the center oven rack. It may take a little longer if you stack it, as I did. Normally, it should only take around 8 minutes.

Mine is a little crowded, but it worked fine, just stir at about 8 minutes and allow to cook a couple of minutes longer if it needs more cooking -- 12 minutes at the most. My oven is a little hot so it was perfectly done. Don't over cook. Asparagus cooks very quickly and is better when it is a little firm.

You may also wish to cook it on parchment paper for an even easier clean up.

This is SO simple! Sorry, but I didn't get a photo at the very end because we ate it too quickly.


  1. Deberah,
    I do this alot, love roasted asparagus! I also like to sprinkle with lemon juice and grated lemon zest before roasting. Orange juice/zest is good as well.
    Rhonda Spooner

  2. Thanks Rhonda. I will try that. I wish I had known about this sooner! It is great.

  3. Deberah, this looks delicious! And it is so healthy too...thanks for sharing, you have given me inspiration! Have a great day, Joanie