Monday, November 8, 2010

Confessions of a "bagaholic"

Today I was in Publix doing a little grocery shopping and I noticed they had their new ninety-nine cent Christmas shopping bags for sale. I had to buy the new ones because I am definitely a "bagaholoic." I rarely see a shopping bag I don't like. I think they are so much better than the terrible plastic bags they give you at the grocery store.

I think I will be giving some of these bags for Christmas. I don't intend to wrap them up and present them to someone. I plan to put a present inside, along with tissue paper and use them as I would a paper gift bag. The present will be on the inside AND on the outside -- very practical -- and as you can see they are decorative and colorful.

The only down side is that you often have the name of a business on the side. Not a wonderful thing but I think the person who receives the gift won't mind. It is nice to have good, heavy-duty shopping bags.

My sister actually gave me the idea. At a family birthday celebration she gave a gift using a great Tractor Supply bag as the gift bag. Everyone (including me) thought she was a genius for doing this.

While I was in Publix, buying my bags a nice gentleman told me they have customers who come in and buy a number of bags and use them for all their gift giving. I love the idea and I wouldn't mind if my presents all come in shopping bags, but what else would a "bagaholic" say.


  1. That's a great idea about gift-giving. Most gift bags cost more than a dollar,so it would even save you money to use the grocery bags. And it's good for the environment!

  2. Confessions of a 'bagaholic II:' What a great idea! I enjoy well-designed bags too and they come in so handy - and they're so much better for the environment than the plastic.
    Have a great day, Joanie