Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving take away

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner, I like to send my guests home with leftovers. It it nice to know I can share a little bit of what's left so my guests can enjoy it later. I think it is better sharing than having leftovers that I may not even use.

I used to wrap up paper plates with plastic wrap or tin foil but that was kind of messy. After that, I tried plastic containers but found it to be too expensive and people really didn't like to take my containers home.

Last year I found these tin take out plates with lids and everyone really seemed to appreciate having them for leftovers. They are more sturdy than paper plates and are just perfect for people to take even generous portions home. Guests don't feel they have to return them, so it is an all around good thing.

The thing I like best about these tins -- they only cost a dollar at the dollar store for 3 to 4 plates. I am sure they have them at Party City but I will bet Dollar Tree has them beat as far as price is concerned.

Do you have a better idea? What do you use for leftover take aways?

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  1. Those tins are a great idea for left overs! Left overs are such a welcome treat and taste so good, the next day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Joanie