Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween recap and a really cute snack for anytime

This past weekend was quite busy for us. We were out of town, had a birthday and then we participated in an event at church. We had so much fun, but are a bit tired.

I must show you my grandchildren, all dressed up for Halloween. Bear with me because they were really cute. They are my favorite part of Halloween or any event or holiday, for that matter.

My granddaughter was a fairy, actually the tooth fairy. I made her costume. I wish I had been able to give it more time, but it is cute. She loved it and she will get to play dress up for some time with this costume. The wings alone (a Wal Mart special) were great. In the top photo she is outside and below that, when she came to my house, she really hammed it up while posing for photos for me. Her father said to look more natural but I loved the posing.

My grandsons were "Super Mario and Luigi." They love to play Wii and this is a perfect costume for them since they are brothers, so it really worked. Of course, I didn't make their costumes but these were cute and I could not have made them as for the price we paid on ready-made ones.

My friend Bonnie sent me a photo of a treat her daughter, Brooke, made for her son to take to school for a salty snack. This was a great idea and I really loved it. She used Sun (flower seed) butter because so many children can't even be in the same room as peanut butter. These snacks are so wonderful and much healthier than candy. I think these would be fun for children at any times, not just for Halloween.

You will need Ritz crackers, straight pretzels, sun butter or peanut butter and raisins for eyes. The assembly is the only thing that takes time and it is so much fun if you and your child can do it together.

Tomorrow I promise to give you a garden update.

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  1. What a fun post today! I love the Halloween costumes - the tooth fairy is lovely and the Super Mario & Luigi are too cute. You did a beautiful job on the tooth fairy costume, which I'm sure will get much use, throughout the years.

    The snack looks like a keeper, using sunflower seed butter. Kids would love that, adults too! You're right about peanut butter and small children. So glad you had a fun Halloween,
    it's such a fun holiday,