Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day salute

A couple of days ago, my sister wanted to show me her "patriotic corner" in her living room. I thought it was really wonderful, especially since one of the things she was displaying was a photo of herself receiving an award during her time in the army.

I realized that Veterans Day would be a good time to mention her service to our country and express my thanks to her for her courage, and that she chose to serve. I think it took quite a lot of courage for her to go into the army while she was very young. It's no wonder she is deeply patriotic.

One of the treasures she is displaying in her corner is a photo of my dad's platoon from World War II. One reason serving was so important to her is because it was so important to my Dad. I am proud that they both served with distinction.

Another item in her display is an antique top hat covered with her medals and awards from her service along with patriotic pins. It is really interesting and impressive. The large medal in the center is the medal she received in the photo at the top of the page. It was just one of many.

Today, we will be honoring veterans, some at ceremonies all across our country. Our service men and women gave their time so that our freedoms could be blessed, cherished and protected and we appreciate them all. I want to salute my sister and her fellow patriots who have served so well over the years.

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  1. Deberah, what a nice post today - I love the photos of your sister and your Dad. I also like the top hat with the medals and awards, very appropriate. Please wish them both a Happy Veterans Day. My Dad was in the Navy in World War II and I was in the Army National Guard for six years. Veterans Day is very special in our house too.
    Happy Veterans Day, to one & all,