Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving decorations

On Thanksgiving, I will try to spruce up the place a little bit. I will probably buy some fresh flowers (if I can afford them) and try to mix them with some of the outside fall splendor. I will have to gather that the day before. It might be pine cones or even some brightly-colored leaves. It really just depends on what I find. I love to use magnolia leaves and I have noticed that my nandina berries are now in the orange stage, rather than the red they will be. I think they will be a good choice.

I also will fill some baskets with fall fruits and veggies. My gourds, recently picked from my garden will do nicely, Also the pumpkins, left over from Halloween will make a great decoration. I also will use pomegranates, pears and probably apples. I think the organic look of fruits and vegetables are perfect for the Thanksgiving theme of plenty.

Do you decorate and what will you use?


  1. That sounds great! I can't wait to see the finished product! I like to decorate the same way, and I have some nice "leaf" plates and dishes that people have given me over the years, and I fill then with nuts.

  2. Your decorations sound beautiful - I like the natural look too! We started a 'Thankful Tree,' about 16 years ago (it's one of those
    desk-top 'steel' photo-trees, with about 8-arms & you can put photos or notes in the clips...)

    We started writing what we we're thankful for, on little slips of paper & we put the date on each slip. Now, years later, it's neat to read these notes. (and now that our son is 16 years old, we can reflect back on what he wrote when he was just four or five years old...)

    I find that the older I get, the more thankful I am - and the less 'material things' I need to be happy. Life is really about family love, good health, making memories and being reflective for all the true blessings you have.
    (Seeing the blessings in having a full meal, in having a home, in having a job - all the little things that make life's 'sweet memories' each day - they are so more important than the material wishes & dreams of a younger 'me.'

    Also, I work with younger students in school and it's so fun to make the Thanksgiving crafts:
    using their small hands to make the turkeys, painting it with all the wild colors,
    finding the pretty leaves with all the gorgeous fall colors (to these young students, you would think they had found 'true treasures!')
    We had been watching the leaves as they turned color and they got so excited with all the reds, the golds...their excitement is 'a gift' to me, seeing their joy as they discover nature's gifts of fall, for the 1st time.

    I reflect too on my Dad - John Donohue, a lively Irish character if there ever was one -
    My Dad taught school and as the father of seven children, had so many, many jobs - he worked so hard and had just retired at age 65 and was just starting to enjoy retirement when he suddenly passed away, the Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

    Our large family was gathered together in Florida - I was at a military training school in Indiana - with my Dad's sudden death, the Red Cross called me, tracking me down in Indiana, just before I was headed 'home' for Thanksgiving Break in Missouri.

    Though it was a sad time for one & all, we were all reflective on our Great Dad, John Donohue & all the wonderful Thanksgivings he provided our family, over the years.

    I wish everyone a Blessed Thanksgiving and thank you for the opportunity to share this story. All the best,