Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving indians

Indians are coming to our Thanksgiving dinner this year. Last week I was feverishly making an Indian costume (for school) for our 5-year old granddaughter and realized she was planning to wear the costume to school AND to my house on Thursday. I knew I would have to make two more headbands, at least, for our grandsons who will be arriving on Wednesday. We can't just have one Indian. I thought an Indian headdress would be so much easier than a Pilgrim hat, after all. I think the adults will have to be the Pilgrims.

As I was making them, I thought it is a particularly easy idea for the fun the little ones get from wearing them. It is also a good teaching tool. I would rather my grandchildren know the history behind the holiday and not just that it is a national day of stuffing oneself.

Ours are made from faux suede but this craft could be made from strips of Kraft or art paper with self-stick Velcro on the ends. Insert a feather and it is done. The children could draw an Indian design on the headband and it would be such an easy learning tool.

I will show you photos next week of my little Indians.

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  1. Those costumes look so nice. I think that's a good idea to share the history of the holiday with your grandchildren - especially when they're so young. Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, Joanie