Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden blooms

A few days ago I went to our garden to do some work and I was captivated by the blooms that were everywhere. There were all kinds and sizes and the colors were brilliant and lovely. Some were even ethereal. It is a little surprising because most of the blossoms were from vegetables.

At the edge of the garden, my sister planted these brilliantly colored zinnas.

The tomato blooms are spikey and pale yellow. I like the fuzzy stems.

Cucumber blooms are small and bright.

Here is a baby cucumber with the blossom still attached.

These pepper plants and blooms are still dripping from the morning dew.

I love these twin Waltham butternut squash blooms.

Green beam blooms look like mini white sweet peas or lillies.

Okra blossoms are large and pale yellow with burgundy centers. They look exotic to me.

My parsley is just beginning to blossom. I think I like this photo best, even though it is not as colorful as the others. I like the way the grass behind the parsley is blowing and it looks soft, almost like a waterfall.

Another zinnia completes our tour.


  1. These photos are great! Ought to be in a magazine somewhere. Hmm ...

  2. How beautiful flowers!! I wanna see them in my garden :)