Monday, July 13, 2009

Can a simple tomato sandwich prove your lineage?

There are a number of things that southerners hold dear. One being sweet iced tea, and I guess grits would be one. Biscuits are right up there but they aren't strictly southern anymore. I am thinking the second most revered southern treat (after tea) would have to be the tomato sandwich. I know it is simple but aren't the simple things often the best?

My favorite tomato would be a huge, vine-ripened beefsteak tomato that is at the perfect stage of ripe. You know that glorious color is is almost Coca-cola red. Just a little redder than fire engine red. You know that color! It is best, of course when one slice of tomato fills the whole sandwich.
I prefer whole wheat bread. Growing up it was white bread (usually Sunbeam bread -- remember little Miss Sunbeam?). Then there is the mayonnaise and about this there is an ongoing debate. Some prefer Hellman's or Miracle Whip but in my family it is without a doubt Duke's. In this economy, though, I get the BOGO Free with a coupon which in this case was Hellman's. Then top with plenty of salt and pepper. Top with the second piece of bread and bite into a little piece of heaven!
Now if you don't get home-grown or farmer's market tomatoes it is not going to be good enough.

I have talked to people who don't hold the tomato sandwich in awe and reference as my family members and I do, but I just can't help but believe they aren't truly, authenticly Southern. I might be wrong. I guess you could test out this theory and let me know.


  1. Boy, does this look good! And you know, DH is a big Duke's fan as well. My favorite mayonnaise ever is some homemade mayo from Katherine, but she can't share the recipe because she promised whoever gave it to her that she wouldn't reveal it!

  2. I haven't tried just a tomato sandwich, but lately I've been making a grilled cheese sandwich but adding tomato and a sprinkling of basil. That's wonderful, too!

  3. Michelle, a grilled cheese sandwich is one of my favorites, too. It sounds like you have turned it into a gourmet treat!