Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My yard sale china

I must admit that when I get the chance, I love to go to yard sales. You never know what you can pick up. Sometimes it is shocking what you can find.

Last spring, I decided to buy a set of china and figured it would be better for my budget to get a set that had been "gently used." I looked on ebay and decided on a simple white china with a scrolled white border with silver accents. I didn't care about the pattern, just the general look. The online price was about $125.00 which I thought was pretty good.

Before I could purchase the dishes I spent a day visiting yard sales and happened on the china pictured above. It wasn't exactly the same as the pattern I saw online, but it was awfully close. The price for a ten place setting was only $10.00. I could not believe it! It might not be the prettiest set of china around but it suits me just fine, and the price was right.

A few months later I went to an estate sale on a trip to South Carolina and found another set for $25.00. I now have twenty-three plates and almost that many cups and saucers.

Of course I don't need that many, but I think if one of my guests breaks a piece of my china, I will just smile say, "That's OK, I have twenty-two more just like it."

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