Thursday, July 23, 2009

Touring Calaboose Cellars

There is a little winery on the outskirts of Andrews, North Carolina. It's the smallest free-standing winery in America. The owners, Eric and Judy converted an old jail into a winery and grow the grapes out back. It is really, really small but very pretty.

And the photo at the top? Two couples, Judy (my favorite cousin), Eric (the owner), Eric (my cousin Judy's husband) and Judy (the other owner). (Hey Eric and Judy, meet Judy and Eric.)

Whether you are a tee-totaler or wine enthusiast, this was a very enjoyable tour. The wines are cleverly named after "jail terms" like Wardin's White and Jailbird's Blueberry. It is a creative operation. They actually crush the grapes out back on the deck and make the wine inside the old converted stone building. I was very impressed by their knowledge and expertise.

The owner's are "snowbirds" from Connecticut who obviously really love what they do and enjoy sharing it with visitors.

Outside the old jail that houses Calaboose Cellars.

The entrance to the winery.

I couldn't believe these huge bunches of grapes. They aren't quite ready, yet.

Visitors relax on the deck where grapes are prepared during harvest.

The vineyard out back with a view of the mountains.

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  1. Wow, I just read this post - I'd love to go to this Winery! Sounds wonderful, Joanie