Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Discovering my grandmother's china

My sister game me a very nice present for my birthday, back in March. It was a few pieces of china that had belonged to my grandmother. They included a teapot, a lidded serving piece, a cup and saucer and a demitasse set all in a pattern called English Garden. I was really excited to have something my grandmother once used.

Granny really loved dishes and I think I inherited that love from her.

Last Thursday, my friend Angela asked if I would like to go to an estate sale and I told her I would love to go. It was an interesting sale because they had quilts and linens. I really didn't expect to find much, but you never know.

We looked all through the house and in the last room we discovered a set of seven cups and saucers and seven plates in the same pattern as my grandmother's English Garden china.

The price was $20. What a bargain!

I know this is a little odd but I feel very much like this is all my grandmother's china -- even the pieces she never touched. I would really love to have a tea party to celebrate this "new" china ... I think my grandmother would approve.


  1. Lovely! How wonderful that you even have the teapot and serving piece. And since I was with you when you found them, don't you think it would be appropriate if I were invited to the tea party? (Shameless plug!)

  2. Yes. I think it would be appropriate!