Friday, July 17, 2009

The third time is the charm?

It's the middle of July and we still don't have any corn. We have planted corn three times and the first time it was too cold and wet and as soon as any of it came up, crow swooped in and ate it.

The second time it came up just fine and then the crows came in and ate every bit of it.

My friend Kim gave us some corn she had purchased and decided not to plant. It was a variety I had heard of, Silver King and I was anxious to try it. We decided to try planting one more time. This time it came up really quickly and looked great. Then the crows came again and picked a little from each row. They came back again and then one more time.

Now the corn is finally tall enough and has deep enough roots so I think maybe, just maybe, we will have some corn after all. From the five rows we had, we probably have one and a half to two rows left.

Maybe, before frost, when the price of corn is much higher, we will have a corn harvest. I don't think the idiom I should use is "the third time's the charm." It isn't totally appropriate. I think the better idiom would be, if at first you don't succeed, try again and again and again.

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