Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More about my china

About two weeks ago I wrote about how I discovered china at an estate sale that exactly matched my grandmother's china.

Last week I learned another amazing fact about this china. My cousin's wife, Louisa, was a relative of the woman who's china I purchased. When she found out I had purchased the china of her late relative, she was very excited, and the fact that it was the same as my grandmother's was amazing to us both.

I have often commented about how small the world can sometimes seem. It probably isn't that unusual to go to an estate sale of a late relative of someone you know. In this case we do live in the same county. But I do think this is somewhat amazing. I know it has made this china even more special to me.

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  1. I agree! It's so wonderful that you have such a great "provenance" story with all this china!