Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Farmer's market day in Andrews

On Saturday morning, the town of Andrews, North Carolina holds a Farmer's Market, just off Main Street. I wish I had gotten some really good photos of the mounds of green beans, corn, squash, tomatoes and other vegetables that were on sale. Everything was so beautiful and fresh. At most of the surrounding homes there were beautiful vegetable gardens and this was a great opportunity to sell their excess produce.

There were some tents set up next to the park and a band was playing some bluegrass music under a nearby gazebo.

We bought blackberries, honey and some raspberry plants from the vendor who was selling fruit tree plants and herbs.

We enjoyed looking at the chickens. They sold really quickly because that vendor was gone the next time we passed by.

After we left the Farmer's Market, we walked up the street to the downtown shops.

We really enjoyed shopping at the thrift stores and antique shops. There was a bead shop, beauty shops and several "gently used" stores. I found a dress, some scarves, earrings, and a set of vintage napkins.

We browsed the shops for quite a while and it was obvious that the town is undergoing revitalization and growing very quickly. There were shops that had recently opened.

And there were shops that were under construction. I have the feeling if we went back in six months we would see even more shops. It was very surprising during a recession.

Plus, it seemed that this small town had everything -- maybe on a smaller scale but it was very impressive.

Our last stop was at the coffee shop for a latte. Andrews doesn't need a Barnes and Nobel when they have this great Beans and Novel. The left side is a coffee shop and the right a book store. They were even having a book signing that morning and that night they were having special musical entertainment.

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  1. This looks like my kind of town! And I LOVE the name of that coffee shop!