Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Books to help with weight loss

In my quest to lose more weight this year, I have decided to use my Christmas money on some books that can help me get a "healthy" start. One of the things I am working towards is the goal of making sure my calories really count for something. I want to eat only things that have a high ratio of nutrients per calorie. I want to follow this rule 90 percent of the time.

That means I will be eating mostly vegetables. The best thing about that is -- I really love vegetables. The only thing about being southern and cooking vegetables is my heritage of adding fat and sometimes sugar to every vegetable pot. This really hurts my calorie/nutrient ratio so I really need to find interesting, new ways to get my veggies in. That requires some new thinking and also some new cookbooks -- I also love cookbooks so this is great fun for me!

One of the books I am modeling my new eating habits by is Joel Fuhrman's great book, "Eat to Live." It is quite extreme but it is thought-provoking. My doctor also recommended, "Dr. Ann's 10 Step Diet." Dr. Ann Kulze is a South Carolina doctor and nutritionist who has an interesting book and website that might be helpful. It really helped me last year to get a good start in losing 20 pounds and I am really enjoying the quest to lose my next 20.

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