Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vegetarian with finesse

I ordered this cookbook with my Christmas money and I think it will become one of my favorite cookbooks. It really is a book with everything. There are, for instance, eight ways to cook veggie lasagna and too many tofu recipes to even count (and I want to find ways to cook tofu because it is really not my favorite food).

Included are enough recipes to keep me busy for about three years! Even though it is very hard to use every recipe in a cookbook, I think these recipes seem promising and are geared to what people generally like. Even though some of the ingredients are not on most shopping lists, they are easy to find or explained in the introduction to each recipe.

This book looks to have plenty of recipes for people who have problems with gluten allergies -- but not in the breads section. That is probably one of the most disappointing chapters -- but that is not why I bought the book. I wanted recipes packed with nutrients and you won't find that in bread and bread-products. There are plenty of other recipes that are nutrient-rich so it suits me just fine. The problem I will have is deciding what to cook first!

Robin Robertson is a food writer, cooking teacher and best of all, a chef and the recipes seem very thoughtful and "main-stream." Kind of down-home and healthy cooking with flair. I am hoping I can find recipes I would be pleased to cook for company. I do love the menus, listed in the back and the index of fast recipes. The book was well-priced on Amazon, $23.00, but you will pay $32.00 in the bookstore and it has a whopping 612 pages, counting the index.

I read the reviews before ordering and that was enough for me, but if I don't find some good recipes in a book with 1,000 recipes, I am sure I am just not trying hard enough. I will share the best recipes, as I cook them.

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