Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Garden planning

Last night we had a supper meeting to talk about our 2010 garden. I was really glad we did because I get really pumped thinking about planting. It is so exciting because the promise of having those really wonderful vegetables before long is exciting to me.

Turkey spaghetti was on the menu, and we all set down and poured over garden books, magazines and online articles to help us make up our minds about what we would plant.

We decided that it was time to plant greens, lettuces, radishes, green peas, collards and all the things we planted in our fall garden.

We also need to plant tomatoes, eggplants, cilantro, lavender, nasturtiums and peppers indoors to transplant later.

This year, we will plant wide rows because by all accounts our yield will be greater. We will see. I think having the meeting is a good way to jump-start our garden.

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