Thursday, January 28, 2010

Office tea

I love tea and try to get the benefits from green tea each day as part of my healthy eating regimen. Having hot water available for my tea can be a problem. My best solution is to take it with me.

Every day as I get ready to go to the office, I boil some fresh water in my electric kettle and fill my thermos. That way I have somewhat fresh water for my hot tea and with the colder weather, it is a real treat. For green tea, the thermos is a better fit than for other teas because the water temperature should be "just short of boiling." I do realize that some tea purists would say you just can't get the same results. My reply would be, "Better slightly imperfect tea than no tea at all.

My yellow cup is a bright spot in my office which, like many offices is all low-light and gray walls, counters and floors. That is really as it should be because artwork projects better in a gray environment and artwork is what I do.

My favorite office tea -- I love Republic of Tea's Double Green Matcha. It is antioxidant-rich and mild. I usually use a little stevia or Splenda and sip all morning.


  1. I still have some of the Double Green Matcha you gave me and really enjoy it!

  2. I have a water cooler in my office and it has a hot water function. I make tea with tea bags all the time. It works great!

    I have a thermos type metal coffee cup. I do not usually like metal cups. But I make green tea in it in the morning while I'm drinking coffee, when I remember, and take it with me to work. By the time I drink it it may be room temperature. But it is good to sip green tea throughout the day anyway.