Friday, January 8, 2010

Instant organization?

Yesterday when I arrived home, I had a couple of nice surprises waiting on my doorstep. In my quest to become more organized this year, I ordered a couple of new books to help me get a good start. Since I don't have very much time to spare, I was happy to find a couple of "easy" and inexpensive books on organizing and cleaning. The books, by Donna Smallin are "The One-Minute Organizer Plain and Simple" and "The One-Minute Cleaner Plain and Simple."

Please understand that I actually don't believe I can solve all my organizational and cleaning problems in just one minute, but I do believe that I can find some simple solutions to help me in my quest for a more organized life. I also am thinking it might be better for me to have a book of quick tips that I can implement as the year goes along, rather than doing them all in one day.

I do think there is a possiblity that the books will help to meet my needs. They are easy to read, the tips are all common-sense and easy to do and the author gives plans for getting things like clutter and cleaning under control, depending on what type of disorganized person you are! It is easy to follow and it won't take a degree in home engineering to understand and undertake the hints and tips included.

I really like some of the cleaning tips because there are some great homemade cleaning formulas and remedies. I can't wait to get started. Don't expect me to do it all in one day. I really do think these books will be a good motivational aid. I like that I can look in the index to find topics that will help with my clutter/cleaning problems. I also think I will respond well to some of the motivational tips because they are to the point and not preachy.

I think the first thing I must do is put up the rest of my Christmas clutter in an organized way. (Thankfully, most of my Christmas decorations have been up for about a week.) I will have to say goodbye to Santa Pepper and Snowman Salt for the year, but hopefully, with the help of these books I will be able to find them for next year.

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