Thursday, January 7, 2010

Closet solutions

Last year we started a pantry closet and I think it was one of the best organizational things we did last year. I know everyone doesn't have a spare closet but it is a good idea for everyone to create some kind of space for extra storage. With an area like this you can take advantage of special deals and buy extra with coupons and have a space to store everything. It is also important to have things in easy-to access areas so you can just grab items to use for a quick meal. I also like the fact that I just have to take a quick look to locate items I am low in before shopping.

One storage idea would be to add a set of shelves in your garage to store extra items. Be careful in times of extreme weather, not to store things that can be damaged by heat or cold. Shelves in the basement can be a great option, too.

The problem I sometimes have is just putting something into the closet to get it out of the way. I have junked up so many closets and drawers that way.

I have really enjoyed having my own little stock of groceries and cleaning products. Most of the items are buy-one-get-one deals. I usually use coupons, too, so they are really good buys, but the best thing is that I don't have to run to the grocery store at the last minute because I am on my last roll of bathroom tissue. That is a great thing.


  1. How organized you are! I would be ashamed to show you my pantry -- plus it's way too small for anything but the current necessities. But if we knocked out a wall ... hmmm ...

  2. I am really blessed with that closet and I used to use it for junk. I will admit that my husband really helps me keep that closet uncluttered. Isn't that amazing?

  3. We moved into a cookie-cutter golf course community and we like the neighborhood because there is not too much traffic so the kids can run around in the streets and I do not have to worry, BUT being that these houses were put up so quickly, they focused on the visible selling points and ignored the details like our pantry. Ours is ugly, with the cheap wire shelving. We are currently talking to a few different closet solutions companies, because the pantry situation is a disaster!